Monthly Archives: June 2008

MMM New Product Innovation Fair

Product Fair

MMM New Product Innovation Fair is an exhibition event where our MMM (i.e., MBA + MEM program) students display and present their design projects done by their teams during “The Design of Services and Products” class. This spring quarter, each team has been going through an iterative design process including observation, brainstorming, prototyping and so on, and finally had the chance to show the design concept to people now. Although at the beginning of the project there was a little pain until our team came up with a solid design concept, overall it was a fun event and we had a great team collaboration.

Japan Night

Japan NightThis friday we had Japan Night party at the lounge in McManus (Kellogg’s dormitory). It is an event totally run by students and we, Kellogg Japanese student group (mainly 1st year students), provided foods like SushiUdon, and Yakitori, unlimited Sake, Japanese games (such as Yoyo-fishing) and performances like Kagamiwari-openings, Enbu (a Japanese martial-arts-style performance), Skit and Dance and so on. Thanks to the great marketing effort, around 350 tickets were quickly sold out! I played Taiko (i.e., Japanese drum) for Enbu, acted in the skit (“Post-MBAs visit Yakuza office”) as a lover of the Yakuza boss, and danced (music: “DJ OZMA”, a Japanese artist)…It was a blast!! It has been a great opportunity to showcase Japanese cultures and people to the non-Japanese classmates, as well as to deepen the internal teamwork and friendship among Japanese students through such intense preparation efforts.