PEEK Entrepreneurship trek in Silicon Valley

March 23rd, 2008

PEEKDuring March 19-21 2008, Kellogg students, a professor and a director from career center visited founders, early members, CEOs and/or managements from startups, incubators and venture capitals in Silicon Valley to hear some insight, mindset or real-world tips on entrepreneurial activities . I was one of the leaders of the trek this time too.

Firms we visited:

All the discussions have been so fruitful and I appreciate all the companies who kindly hosted our visit and spent time with us! 

11th Anniversary

March 20th, 2008

Today is an anniversary for me. It has been exactly 11 years since I  moved to the US for the first time. Back in 1997, March 19th when I was still enjoying my 20s, I had a farewell party called “Oggy FINAL” in Ebisu, Tokyo to drink with lots of friends, co-workers in Japan and then I flew to San Jose on the next day. I worked in Silicon Valley from March 20th 1997 through September 2002 for 5.5 years as a software engineer, technical analyst and planner. I fully enjoyed my first US life like outdoor activities, sports, wine tasting, home parties… I was also inspired and affected by the Silicon Valley events/cultures including the dot com booms and even the recessions during the period. I moved back to Tokyo for 2002-2007 but I have returned to the US (Midwest) now.  

Well, amazingly it’s the 11th time already. Time flies and life is short!


March 8th, 2008
  • KWEST night out @ Merle’ BBQ
  • Discussion about Japan-night @ McManus

Won “War Game” Competition!

March 7th, 2008

I have participated in a wireless indusry war game competition as a member of the Kellogg team against other MBA schools and… our team won! 


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This has been an excellent learning experience for me in a lot of ways.

Classes Taken

March 1st, 2008

I am/was taking the classes as follows: 

Fall 2007

  • Leadership in Organizations (Uzzi) 
  • Business Strategy (Hubbard)
  • Marketing Management (Hennessy)
  • Factory Physics I (Iravani)
  • Accounting for Manufacturing Management (Balachandran)

Winter 2008

  • Finance I (Kondo)
  • Factory Physics II (Watson)
  • Microeconomic Analysis (Loeper)
  • Understanding hte Media and its Content (Smith)

Names in the parenthesis show professor.