Special K!


Special K!Special K! is an annual theater show run by students in Kellogg. It is composed of live musical/skit and short movies whose story basically describe student’s life at Kellogg with humor, irony and passion. The quality of the performances is so high that the show is one of the most popular events here. Most of the students, even some professors and administrators at Kellogg go to see the show. The total Special K! company involves around 100 students including directors, cast, band, creative team, business team, marketing team, technical team and movie team. So, it is a quite big project and the people’s motivation and commitment are extraordinarily strong. It is a great opportunity for students not only to have fun but to exercise their leadership, team work and to bond tightly with each other. This year, there have been five shows titled “Avenue K!” and played during May 1st – 3rd.
Me? I have joined the band as a guitarist. Our band includes trombone, trumpet, violin, flute, guitar, bass and drums. We played 15-20 popular songs arranged by professional musicians. The sound we made was very, very energetic and we really rocked at the show! This has been my first “big band” experience and also one of the best music performances I was involved in my life. It is also our privilege that people come to us and say “hey, your performance was great!”.

There is going to be a revival show some time in this fall (November?). If you are thinking of visiting Kellogg to discover something about the school, I really recommend that you see the show!