2024 – 2023

January 5th, 2024

Is it a Happy New Year 2024?
Extending sympathies to those affected by the disaster, accident or any difficult situation.

Oggy Live Today vol.1370 screen shot

Special Thanks to the below members appeared at Oggy Live Today in 2023

krystalcube (18)
Nahor (10)
Mahe (7)
Sani (5)
Ndadi (5)
Yosri (4)
Tulonga (3)
Samuel (3)
Hiromi (3)
T.O. (2)
Shu (2)
Ryo Hatano
Mariko Ohsato
Y. Akamatsu

The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of appearances (Kohaku style).Thanks to everyone, including krystalcube, who has appeared the most!

Also, physical live activities in 2023 were:
2/8 Aquarius live – みずがめ座の会 (Tsuki Yo No Kone Ko 3651, Ginza – 銀座・月夜の子猫3651)
7/23 Soemon-cho Summer Festival – 宗右衛門町夏祭り(Aiyoibashi, Osaka – 大阪・相合橋上)
8/12 Hikigatari Pasta Festa – 弾き語りパスタフェスタ (La Fiesta, Yokohama – 横浜)
10/14 Kamigaki-san Tribute Live – 上垣さん追悼ライブ(Takaranosuk, Yokohama – 横浜・たからのす)

Video of some of the sessions are uploaded on YouTube/Facebook. Please check out!
Also, as a solo work I have released a series of improvisational guitar instrumental.

So, thank you so much for watching/listening/supporting.
Let each of us have a wonderful 2024!