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22:30, September 29th, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 1274 Your Story

Dobin pot improvisation under the Mid-Autumn Moon (full moon in Japan)

22:30, September 28th, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 1273 ENTR Studio – Tools

A time to check up the Tools.

22:30, September 27th, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live Sani

vol. 1272 Sani san from Nigeria

Catching up with Sani-san (one of ex-intern from “Black Panther” team in Japan) from Nigeria, who assists Small and Medium enterprises and today enjoys the national holiday with family. 🙂

22:30, September 26th, 2023( JST ) SHOWROOM

vol. 1271 Autumn

22:30, September 25th, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live krystalcube

vol. 1270 Harmonious

krystalcube cheering up Oggy this time – thank you !

(click to view one more photo!)

22:30, September 24th, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 1269 Circles and ME

New Improvisation (ME) over the last improvisation (Circles).

22:30, September 23rd, 2023( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 1268 Circles

Improvisation with “Circles”. Interpretation up to audience.

22:30, September 22nd, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 1267 Soft Smile Face

Improvised guitar, played by the heart

22:30, September 21st, 2023( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 1266 Mnin’

A journey of reflection, a performance of precious moments

22:30, September 20th, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 1265 In a Way

Performance this time was filled with heartfelt emotions, a tribute.