365 days in a row – online live streaming

April 6th, 2021

A Year Anniversary of Oggy Live Today online live streaming.

I have been doing the online live streaming for one year, every day, consecutively, really. It should be a rare opportunity to have a feeling and/or see a scenery on this type of occasion. So, while this frame of mind is still served warm, I would like to capture it into the following text, leaving the current version as is, without spending ages practicing.

Feeling good

  • It is like a feeling after running to a certain milestone point.
  • It is also fulfilling since I’ve been able to do what I want to do.
  • While I intend to cheer up and heal the people by the livestreaming as much as possible during the difficult time of COVID-19, my own play actually has been giving myself a lot of energy.

The key: experiment and execution

  • In Oggy Live Today, between planning and execution, I’ve prioritized more on the daily execution, while thinking and learning have been on the fly.
  • 22:30 JST starting time has worked really well to me, as I needed to manage the time between this livestreaming and other works/activities.
  • I haven’t necessarily meant to release the complete and polished work, but rather intended to try something new every day and iterate.
  • I haven’t aimed to reach one year milestone in the first place.
  • Nor within one year.
  • Audiences sometimes kindly pointed out when there was no sound coming out, or there were interruptions during the livestreaming.
  • However, there have been also deeply condensed motivations and enthusiasms in the process of the experiment and execution.
  • The music chosen here has been the one I like, and the one I can change into a direction I like, so I have had a feeling of satisfaction and appreciation, to be able to perform that one, the music.
  • As a result, the contents have been different every time, and the momentum to enjoy the precious meeting with the music notes, has been kept, from time to time.
  • With the few audiences, guests, collaborators/supporters (in the broad sense), highly concentrated, curiousity-driven, goal-oriented, unidentified energy to try to invite those people into some unknown thing, have been fermented. (I think).
  • Once again, I would like to express appreciation to those who have positively joined this venture trial.

Still a lot is ahead, however

  • I still need to improve my music performance itself. I make many mistakes, too.
  • I still need to get used to the equipment and settings.
  • Having said that, I have been always trying something new, so the momentum should be sustained.
  • There are still many more ideas I’ve wanted to try, but haven’t been able to do yet.
  • Many of the to-do items defined at the 100th milestone time still remain, and the list has further expanded.
  • So, I don’t anticipate to end this soon, FTTB.
  • A little bit of struggle against the loneliness to do this challenge. (However, as written above, the “good feeling” part is larger. I’d just like to continue with who I go on together with.)
  • I need to keep myself healthy. (Protection against COVID-19 is obviously important. Also, maintaining a good condition, regular checkups, wellness through the seasonal changes, are important.)

Next step

  • Try to do a good job on the next session
  • Try to show a good performance, realize interesting ideas, and have good time with you guys.

Oggy Live Today One Year Anniversary

April 3rd, 2021

It’s going to be EXACTLY ONE YEAR of Oggy Live Today. Yes, it’s the everyday streaming. Yes, they are the consecutive 365 times lives. So I’ll invite the special guests for the cerebration to commemorate this wonderful moment .

365th 4/3 (Sat) 22:30 JST –  with Hiromi (Oggy’s wife)
366th 4/4 (Sun) 22:30 JST – with Krystalcube

Oggy Live Today details
See you there!

About Live

February 5th, 2021

Oggy Live Today

“Oggy Live Today” is the daily online music live streaming featuring Oggy’s guitar music and Hikigatari (singing with guitar) songs along with MC (talks), in a relaxing atmosphere. It would be my pleasure if you join, chill out and vitalize yourself by the music performance. Please feel free send me your message in the chat screen and I will try to respond with voice or text. Sometimes special guests kindly join and collaborate on the music performance and/or the talking session.  Looking forward to seeing you.

Date: Everyday
Language: English or Japanese
URL: Facebook Page, YouTube Channel or other media platform (noticed in FB)
Time and Place:22:30 – 23:00 (JST: Japan Standard Time)
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Other Videos

Greetings from 100th Oggy Live Today

Greetings from 100th Oggy Live Today

Greetings from 100th Oggy Live Today (Rebroadcast: recorded on 2020/7/12)


Posted by Oggy on Saturday, July 25, 2020


Reviewing 100 times of Oggy Live Today

Reviewing 100 times of Oggy Live Today

Oggy talks about his music and reviews the 100 times of the online live.
(Recorded at the 100th live on July 12th 2020)

(2020/7/12 の100回記念ライブの録画版)

– What’s Oggy Live Today? (どんなライブか)
– Oggy’s music (どんな音楽か)
– Songs (どんな曲)
– Milestones (軌跡)
– Further steps (今後)
– All the things you are (guitar solo) (演奏)

Posted by Oggy on Friday, July 31, 2020


Parallel Entrepreneurship

Overall picture of activities with Parallel Entrepreneurship

Oggy talks about the overall picture of his various activities with Parallel Entrepreneurship.
(Recorded at the 100th live on July 12th 2020)

(2020/7/12 の100回記念ライブの録画版)

Posted by Oggy on Sunday, August 9, 2020

Oggy Live Today 300th!

January 28th, 2021

Oggy Live Today has achieved concecutive everyday show for 300th times! Many thanks!

Oggy LIve Today 300th

[Report] Christmas Music TG

December 29th, 2020

Christmas Music TG was successfully held on December 25th.

Thank you to everyone who participated online and supported us. This time I played the role of host and performer. This year, everyone was forced to take necessary measures against COVID-19, and I guess each person had to overcome his/her own issues. It would be great if we could have provided a place for the TG (event) on Christmas Friday to heal the tiredness of the year and maintain vitality.

On the day of the event, with a small number of people, we played music, including Christmas songs, exchanged recent updates,gave presents and so on. The special guest, krystalcube, also showed off her cute singing voice, which greatly increased the attractiveness of the party.

At the Kellogg Club of Japan, which hosted the event, Professor Kotler, the marketing guru,talked about ” marketing of peace”, when he visited Japan. It’s also a good time to look back on your achievements during the year. I thought that music might also play a role as a medium to answer to this question, a medium that conveys a message in an easy-to-understand manner. So, at the event, we played John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”. This is a masterpiece song suits perfectly for this purpose. The Double Fantasy Exhibition has been held in Roppongi, too, so their activities are given attention here.

In terms of content production and technology, there are some parts that we did quite enthusiastically in the limited resources and preparation time. In the above “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”, Oggy collaborated with krystalcube by real-time audio synchronization in a remote place. The two of us never met offline this year, but repeated online rehearsals and experiments for the TG event. Other participants also sang/hummed and co-starred through Zoom. There should be many points to improve in quality, but there are excitement and empathy when new things are opened up, such as in the early days of radio.

Here is the link to the latest music video of krystalcube (+ Yoshihiro Yuki), who made the valuable guest appearance, so please have a look.


Oggy Live Today has been held every day since April 4, and as of now, it has been held 269 times in a row. Looking forward to see you there.