Date 22:30, May 7th, 2021( JST )

Time goes so fast and the Golden Week has just finished this year in Japan. Also, the state of emergency seems to be extended til the end of May. What’s going to happen… With such an emotion, I performed with the black color background.

Date 22:30, May 5th, 2021( JST )

While reviewing the package design case of Mizkan product, which lets the user to snap the lid of the container with a snap, so that he/she can put sauce onto the natto (fermented beans) without having the things around greasy, I played music off course!

Date 22:30, May 4th, 2021( JST )

I played original hikigatari songs, with the background of the photo of the garden at Nezu museum, which we visited in the golden week, 2017 (four years ago). I wish to come back when things are settled.

Date 22:30, May 3rd, 2021( JST )

Played “Fly me to the moon” with the picture my wife drew. The first collaboration with her, in this format!

Date 22:30, May 2nd, 2021( JST )

Performed remotely with the scene of Dotonbori, Osaka. Lots of tasty foods are supposed to be there. This should be one of the places to be, when things are settled.