Date 22:30, March 7th, 2021( JST )

Performed with a good guitar feeling, after clipping my nails. From standard songs like Days of Wine and Roses to original songs. The rose part appears not in the photo but in one’s heart, without any thorn to be clipped at all.

Date 22:30, March 6th, 2021( JST )

Played mainly blues tunes, including a major blues (guitar instrumental), a major blues (with vocal), a minor blues (guitar instrument) and one more major blues (歌あり). It feels really good and I’d love to feature the blues again. Cuz everyday I have the blues.

Date 22:30, March 5th, 2021( JST )

Played for 30 mins without talk, mainly jazz standard songs with the guitar. Feeling that those are really the great songs, for the entire 30 mins.

Date 22:30, March 4th, 2021( JST )

Here is “Zanker”, the house avatar of Oggy Live Today! Hope you like it. Nice to meet you & Zank you!

Date 22:30, March 3rd, 2021( JST )
Co-star Oggy's mother

Oggy’s mother jumped in at the Hinamatsuri day, and we sang Ureshii Hinamatsuri (the children’s song in Japan) together on the live performance. It’s been a fun!