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Oggy’s live schedule for 2018/September!

Oggy’s live schedule for 2018/September


9/23 (Sun) 14:00 –
角筈区民ホール(新宿): Tsunohazu City Hall, Shinjuku (
Artist: Voice of Tokyo
Concert Management Staff: Oggy

9/26 (Wed) 19:00 – 23:00
Music TG, Kellogg Club of Japan (Private Event)
Artist: Various (including Oggy)
ボサノヴァ&ジャズクラブ ケイ (赤坂): Bossa Nova and Jazz Club KEI, Akasaka (

It has been an intense summer in Japan, with extreme heat, earthquake, tyhoon and so on. I hope you are doing well. This month, I will be cordinating music event! Looking forward to mingle with various members.
日本は大変な猛暑・地震・台風の夏でしたが、いかがお過ごしでしょうか。今月は音楽イベントの運営をやります! 色々なメンバーの交流が楽しみです。

Looing foward to see you there!

All the schedule is based on JST (Japan Standard Time) unless otherwise stated. The start/end time may be slightly changed.
特に明記ない限り日時は JST (日本標準時間) 。開始終了時間は少しずれる可能性があります。

The Oggy part of each show of MAY BE broadcasted on UStream at below URL.
各イベントの Oggy ライブ部分は以下の URL で放送する場合があります。

The schedule may be added so stay tuned.

World Marketing Summit Japan 2015

Oggy appears at World Marketing Summit Japan 2015 website (Japanese)!
ワールド・マーケティング・サミット・ジャパン2015 のウェブサイトに登場!

Oggy’s essay (in Japanese) has been posted on the official site of WMSJ2015, World Marketing Summit Japan 2015 held in Tokyo on October 13 – 14, 2015.

Oggy のエッセイが ワールド・マーケティング・サミット・ジャパン 2015 (WMSJ2015) サイトに掲載されました。あのフィリップ・コトラーをはじめとしたマーケティングの錚々たるメンバーが世界中から参加するカンファレンス。2015年10月13日(火)~14日(水)に東京のグランドプリンスホテル新高輪にて、1,000人規模で開催されます。

どんなイベントなのか?参加のメリットは? さまざまな期待を込めて寄稿してみました。


11th Anniversary

Today is an anniversary for me. It has been exactly 11 years since I  moved to the US for the first time. Back in 1997, March 19th when I was still enjoying my 20s, I had a farewell party called “Oggy FINAL” in Ebisu, Tokyo to drink with lots of friends, co-workers in Japan and then I flew to San Jose on the next day. I worked in Silicon Valley from March 20th 1997 through September 2002 for 5.5 years as a software engineer, technical analyst and planner. I fully enjoyed my first US life like outdoor activities, sports, wine tasting, home parties… I was also inspired and affected by the Silicon Valley events/cultures including the dot com booms and even the recessions during the period. I moved back to Tokyo for 2002-2007 but I have returned to the US (Midwest) now.  

Well, amazingly it’s the 11th time already. Time flies and life is short!