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Won “War Game” Competition!

I have participated in a wireless indusry war game competition as a member of the Kellogg team against other MBA schools and… our team won! 


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This has been an excellent learning experience for me in a lot of ways.

Classes Taken

I am/was taking the classes as follows: 

Fall 2007

  • Leadership in Organizations (Uzzi) 
  • Business Strategy (Hubbard)
  • Marketing Management (Hennessy)
  • Factory Physics I (Iravani)
  • Accounting for Manufacturing Management (Balachandran)

Winter 2008

  • Finance I (Kondo)
  • Factory Physics II (Watson)
  • Microeconomic Analysis (Loeper)
  • Understanding hte Media and its Content (Smith)

Names in the parenthesis show professor.