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Social Bookmarking

So, it’s summer… I can spend some of my energies to try things that I wanted to but couldn’t when I was busy. I also have time to write things here in more detail than I used to. Well, all I wanted to do today is to use social bookmark…(The Internet-savvy people, that’s right. I’m way behind!) I am not interested in sharing bookmarks with others but I want to share my own bookmark between my own (or maybe public) PC and cell phone. Unfortunately, none of the following sites has worked as I desired.

  • It cannot correctly display Japanese text in bookmarks imported from IE.
  • Hatena (Social Bookmark service well-known in Japan): It does not even have import functionality! This is amazing to me since I thought this kind of function is supposed to be developed in the very first stage.
  • Same problem with It also produces a simple error message like: “There is a problem processing your bookmark. Please try again later.”…

Probably there is something wrong with the character encoding in the bookmark file I am trying to import to the services. The encoding system which is used in the export file does not match the one used in the services. The bookmark file, exported from my Internet Explorer, contains lots of Japanese characters. I am using standard Japanese input/output methods built in Windows XP system of my laptop.

Guys, please fix the problem if you are involved in any of these sites! This is something you can do quickly to differentiate your service. 🙂