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March 19th, 2022 Oggy Live Today Entertainment
Audio: Celebrating 20 years of the debut of Akiyo Ohmi as a lyricist!

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22:30, May 8th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 765 Guitar Sound Colors


Delivered different type of guitar sounds, at the Mother’s Day.

22:30, May 7th, 2022( JST ) SHOWROOM

vol. 764 Original Songs


The Hikigatari – I played the original songs, singing like my sock’s off this time.

22:30, May 6th, 2022( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 763 Jazzy Guitar


In the venue this time Udon, a kind of Japanese noodle soup, the Jazzy Men (means “noodle” in Japanese) plays the standard songs.

22:30, May 5th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 762 Jazzy Children’s Day


May 5th is the Children’s Day in Japan – when the pops (probably equivalent to “Ossan” the Japanese slang) played live music.

22:30, May 4th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 761 While in the Golden Week


You guys have great Golden Week (if you’re in Japan. If not, have a good day)! The live streaming continues.

22:30, May 3rd, 2022( JST ) SHOWROOM

vol. 760 To the Listeners


I played original songs mainly, at the SHOWROOM tie-up event “Dear listener, I, want to do a better live streaming”, the brilliant title that exactly expresses what I have in my mind. All for a better streaming!

22:30, May 2nd, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 759 Live with Real BG II


Once again, it’s the real BG live.

22:30, May 1st, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol.758 Solo Guitar with Real BG


Solo Guitar, with relaxing mood in the “Golden Week” …  (*´ω`)

22:30, April 30th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 757 I’ll Remember April


I played songs of closing April. We’ll see these songs next year.

22:30, April 29th, 2022( JST ) SHOWROOM

vol. 756 Slow Songs


Played solo guitar slowly, and continuously without speaking. The image is Osaka Minami area btw.