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22:30, November 20th, 2022( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 961 Sunday Jazzy Solo Guitar


Have you enjoyed the weekend? Let’s have a good, recycled week.

22:30, November 19th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live Special buddy

vol. 960 System


A special appearance of a special buddy. Thanks!!

22:30, November 18th, 2022( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 959 Friday Solo Guitar


Relaxing solo guitar. The dialog time with the instrument.

22:30, November 17th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 958 Weekday


Performed with the healing atmosphere to give you an energy through the weekdays

23:30, November 16th, 2022( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 957 Brainstorming


Extended the show while brainstorming idea

23:30, November 15th, 2022( JST ) SHOWROOM

vol. 956 Leaves


Tried to play low-key and cool. Thanks for the applaudes. 🙂

23:30, November 14th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live krystalcube

vol. 955 Breeze


Krystalcube’s new song “November Breeze” and more have been played at the online session performance!!

23:30, November 13th, 2022( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 954 Hot Walk


Like “sing like talking”, trying to perform like walking?

23:30, November 12th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 953 Move


Beatles, bossa nova, autumn songs, original songs… I played variety of songs. Thanks for joining!

22:30, November 11th, 2022( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 952 Sweets


I played songs in faster (or normal) tempo, trying to generate some uplifting autumn mood.