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22:30, September 19th, 2023( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 1264 Solo guitar spun out

Again, solo guitar. It is a world of romance spun out of a small box.

22:30, September 18th, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 1263 Solo Guitar

A Day to Explore Solo Guitar Way

22:30, September 17th, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 1262 Arts & Crafts and Design

All guitars of Oggy Live Today are played by human hands. 😊

This day, I had the pleasure of visiting the “Arts & Crafts and Design Exhibition” at Yokohama Sogo, where I immersed myself in the beauty of the Arts and Crafts movement, centered around William Morris in the late 19th century.

This movement aimed to integrate the artistry of handcraft into everyday life as a response to the automation of the Industrial Revolution. The exhibition featured numerous works, including tapestries, wallpapers, architecture (mainly represented by Frank Lloyd Wright, the giant), furniture, and metalwork, all showcasing the charm of craftsmanship in daily living.

As a recurring universal pattern in human history, technological advancement often leads to a reevaluation and return to manual work. Today’s advancements in AI and IT also hint at the dawn of new movements.

Reflecting on these ideas, I did perform live guitar music, all crafted by hand, during the live stream.

Wishing everyone a wonderful long weekend (in Japan) !

22:30, September 16th, 2023( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 1261 Getting Autumn

It’s time to include autumn songs in the live streaming.

22:30, September 15th, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 1260 Obrigado

A refreshing Bossa Nova special, while it still feels like summer, Obrigado (Portuguese: Thank you)!

22:30, September 14th, 2023( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 1259 Tigers…ARE…

Oh Oh Oh-Oh Hanshin Tigers Hurray Hurray-Hurray-Hurray♪

22:30, September 13th, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 1258 Way High

Under the radiant glow of the sun or the moon, it was a day filled with Jazzy standard songs played on the guitar

22:30, September 12th, 2023( JST ) SHOWROOM

vol. 1257 Happy Tuesday

A Day to play songs that is related to a health conscious event

22:30, September 11th, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live krystalcube

vol. 1256 Remembrance and Awareness

22 years from 911, the day of a live remembrance session with krystalcube.

22:30, September 10th, 2023( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 1255 Comping

Thanks for the support! It’s nice to get a response 🙂