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22:30, May 14th, 2022( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 771 Different Guitar Colors


Walking down on the world of guitar synth to see how it looks like.

22:30, May 13th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 770 Friday Guitar Music


I played with the avatar Zanker after a while.  It scurries around during the live show.

22:30, May 12th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 769 Live Live


Today I have joined jam sessions at the two live locations Blue Ette and La Fiesta in Hakuraku/Rokkakubashi area in Yokohama. Fully enjoyed the performance with the live (offline) bands. In the live streaming I played the songs I had played in those venues. (The performance during the above sessions are not online streamed here)

22:30, May 11th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 768 Greens


Relaxingly performed with the green background.

22:30, May 10th, 2022( JST ) SHOWROOM

vol. 767 Various Music


The season of good weather. I played from original to cover songs with the archtop guitar. Been a while.

22:30, May 9th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 766 Guitar Stroking/Strumming


Delivered with strumming (or stroking, using pick) guitar, the style which may sound orthodox but feels fresh and vivid while.

22:30, May 8th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 765 Guitar Sound Colors


Delivered different type of guitar sounds, at the Mother’s Day.

22:30, May 7th, 2022( JST ) SHOWROOM

vol. 764 Original Songs


The Hikigatari – I played the original songs, singing like my sock’s off this time.

22:30, May 6th, 2022( JST ) YouTube Live

vol. 763 Jazzy Guitar


In the venue this time Udon, a kind of Japanese noodle soup, the Jazzy Men (means “noodle” in Japanese) plays the standard songs.

22:30, May 5th, 2022( JST ) Facebook Live

vol. 762 Jazzy Children’s Day


May 5th is the Children’s Day in Japan – when the pops (probably equivalent to “Ossan” the Japanese slang) played live music.