Date 22:30, April 13th, 2021( JST )

I am playing today, too. However, the time is flying. It is getting the middle of April. I want to keep singing Sakura a bit more. That passion, lasted for thousands of years, takes over my heart too. I become myself again, when I noticed the volume setting of the microphone is a bit high.

Date 22:30, April 12th, 2021( JST )

Played April songs with the background image of sakura and kudzu starch noodles, the local specialties of Yoshino, Nara prefecture, Japan.

Date 22:30, April 11th, 2021( JST )

Guitar instrumental only. Concentration, concentration. Let the finger dance.

Date 22:30, April 10th, 2021( JST )

Today, I played at the physical live event “Pasta Festa” for the first time in these 3 months, at La Fiesta, Yokohama. I played, wearing mask and using acrylic board. Also, for protection we had fewer small talks in the event, but were connected through the music. The recorded live video was streamed in Oggy Live Today vol.372.

(the vol number on the pic is wrong… 372 is correct)

Date 22:30, April 9th, 2021( JST )

Live music streaming on SNS, with the sakura background image, wearing a virtual hat. While I do so myself, I wear the hat of the contemporary man.