Date 22:30, June 17th, 2021( JST )

The sound balance has been relatively good, I think. It was a refreshing time for me to play.

Date 22:30, June 16th, 2021( JST )

I played a cover song which I didn’t play usually, at the ending of today’s show, too. Good song, which has something to learn.

Date 22:30, June 15th, 2021( JST )

Human being is wonderful. Period.

Date 22:30, June 14th, 2021( JST )

The title was wrong in the beginning and later changed from “No Talk” to “Music Talker. Zanks to the audience who pointed it out!

Date 22:30, June 13th, 2021( JST )

Played standard instrumental songs with variety of sound color. 🙂