365 days in a row – online live streaming

April 6th, 2021

A Year Anniversary of Oggy Live Today online live streaming.

I have been doing the online live streaming for one year, every day, consecutively, really. It should be a rare opportunity to have a feeling and/or see a scenery on this type of occasion. So, while this frame of mind is still served warm, I would like to capture it into the following text, leaving the current version as is, without spending ages practicing.

Feeling good

  • It is like a feeling after running to a certain milestone point.
  • It is also fulfilling since I’ve been able to do what I want to do.
  • While I intend to cheer up and heal the people by the livestreaming as much as possible during the difficult time of COVID-19, my own play actually has been giving myself a lot of energy.

The key: experiment and execution

  • In Oggy Live Today, between planning and execution, I’ve prioritized more on the daily execution, while thinking and learning have been on the fly.
  • 22:30 JST starting time has worked really well to me, as I needed to manage the time between this livestreaming and other works/activities.
  • I haven’t necessarily meant to release the complete and polished work, but rather intended to try something new every day and iterate.
  • I haven’t aimed to reach one year milestone in the first place.
  • Nor within one year.
  • Audiences sometimes kindly pointed out when there was no sound coming out, or there were interruptions during the livestreaming.
  • However, there have been also deeply condensed motivations and enthusiasms in the process of the experiment and execution.
  • The music chosen here has been the one I like, and the one I can change into a direction I like, so I have had a feeling of satisfaction and appreciation, to be able to perform that one, the music.
  • As a result, the contents have been different every time, and the momentum to enjoy the precious meeting with the music notes, has been kept, from time to time.
  • With the few audiences, guests, collaborators/supporters (in the broad sense), highly concentrated, curiousity-driven, goal-oriented, unidentified energy to try to invite those people into some unknown thing, have been fermented. (I think).
  • Once again, I would like to express appreciation to those who have positively joined this venture trial.

Still a lot is ahead, however

  • I still need to improve my music performance itself. I make many mistakes, too.
  • I still need to get used to the equipment and settings.
  • Having said that, I have been always trying something new, so the momentum should be sustained.
  • There are still many more ideas I’ve wanted to try, but haven’t been able to do yet.
  • Many of the to-do items defined at the 100th milestone time still remain, and the list has further expanded.
  • So, I don’t anticipate to end this soon, FTTB.
  • A little bit of struggle against the loneliness to do this challenge. (However, as written above, the “good feeling” part is larger. I’d just like to continue with who I go on together with.)
  • I need to keep myself healthy. (Protection against COVID-19 is obviously important. Also, maintaining a good condition, regular checkups, wellness through the seasonal changes, are important.)

Next step

  • Try to do a good job on the next session
  • Try to show a good performance, realize interesting ideas, and have good time with you guys.